About the Report

This one-of-a-kind report uses 34 economic indicators to paint a statistical portrait of the United States' technology economy, including high-tech goods and services, technology-driven innovation, and the skilled workers who drive it.


The report demonstrates just how widely diffused and integral the country’s innovation-driven, high-tech economy is, and showcases the amount of technical innovation woven throughout the U.S. economy.


The report, authored by the Information Technology Innovation Foundation for ITI, draws on 34 indicators of the innovation economy to paint statistical portraits of all 50 states and 435 congressional districts, plus the District of Columbia. The indicators include measures of high-tech activity and its economic impact in three main areas:


  1. Exports of high-tech goods and services, including manufacturing and information technology (IT) services;

  2. Workforce education and skills, including the numbers of workers in high-tech sectors and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) occupations and the wages they receive; and

  3. Innovative ideas, including high-tech start-up activity and public funding for research and development (R&D).